Using a simple 3D map, you can frame the perfect shot,
and let CoPilot handle the rest.



CoPilot User Manual

Once you've downloaded CoPilot, head over to the Drone Center to check out the CoPilot User Manual. Find answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page or head over to the Drone Center Forums.


CoPilot Support

The CoPilot Drone Center Forums are a great place to start if you have any questions regarding CoPilot. Find discussions on common problems. More questions? Shoot us an email at!


CoPilot Video Tutorials

User Manuals not your thing? Head over to our CoPilot Video Tutorial playlist to quickly get started with CoPilot. Learn how to use CoPilot and where and when not to fly as well as current regulations and guidelines.

Plan your Flight in 3D

Using the 3D maps, pan around, select your keyframes, and launch. Focus on the video, not the drone.

Accurate 3D Pre-Visualization

CoPilot enables you to view the shots your drone will take even before it leaves the ground. With our patent pending 3D planning and previsualization system, construct your entire flight path on your mobile device and let the drone do the rest.

CoPilot 3D Visualization                                           Phantom 3 Footage

Intelligent Control

CoPilot expertly navigates your drone autonomously to capture silky-smooth video, but is ready for you to pause, resume, or abort the mission at a moment's notice. Whether it's a sudden gust of wind that threatens to blow your drone away, or you just can't resist inserting that artistic, manual touch into your drone's flight, CoPilot is ready for anything.


Supported on all Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced, Professional, Phantom 4, and Inspire models with iPads running iOS 9 or above (iPad 2, 3, 4, Pro, Air, and Mini).

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