Autonomous Drones Can Land on Moving Cars Now

Self-driving cars might be all the rage these days, but what about the poor computer-piloted drones? Well, while no-one’s been looking, they’ve been perfecting the aerial version of the patented Italian Job getaway. A team of researchers at the German Aerospace Center were looking for a way to lighten the […]

kid flies drone

7 year old kid flies drone with CoPilot

Savannah Hamilton flies a DJI Phantom 3 using the FreeSkies CoPilot. Having never flown a drone before and with no experience using the CoPilot app, Savannah was able to figure out how to design beautiful shots in the park and get a completely unique view of the ducks and geese […]

Flyover of Brickyard Cove Marina in Richmond, CA

Shout out to Steve Nickell. This Youtuber shot some amazing aerial footage of the Brickyard Cove Marina in Richmond, CA with a Phantom 3 in 4K and the FreeSkies CoPilot. The flyover is just over 7 minutes long and covers Brickyard Cove, an upscale waterfront neighborhood. You can even see the […]