CoPilot Safety Procedures

  1. Scout the drone’s flight path in person to account for any unforeseen obstacles.
  2. Avoid flying close to areas where there are larger groups of people.
  3. Check weather conditions and please restrict flights in bad conditions (wind exceeding 15 mph and/or high precipitation).
  4. It is recommended that you do not operate the drone in temperatures below 0˚C (32˚ F) and exceeding 40˚C (104˚ F).
  5. Ensure the battery is sufficiently charged before each flight (estimated usage is provided on the application’s planning page for reference). We recommend that you do not plan any paths that will take the overall battery percentage below 30% capacity.
  6. When on site, run through the simulation of your flight path, and double check the surroundings and your flight path in the real world before starting your mission.
  7. Ensure that the flight status of your drone is “Safe to Fly (GPS)” in the Flight Screen before taking off.
  8. If the flight status is red, please follow the in-app instructions to solve any calibration problems that caused the error.
  9. Avoid interference between the remote controller and other wireless equipment.
  10. Do NOT fly near areas with magnetic or radio interference. These include but are NOT limited to: high voltage lines, large scale power transmission stations or mobile base stations and broadcasting towers. Failing to do so may compromise the transmission quality of this product or cause remote controller and video transmission errors which may affect flight orientation and location accuracy. The aircraft may behave abnormally or go out of control in areas with too much interference.
  11. Make sure the antennas on the controller are straight, equally spaced for maximum coverage of the radio signals.
  12. In case of ANY unexpected occurrence during autonomous flight, IMMEDIATELY switch the remote controller into P-mode from F-Mode to regain assisted manual piloting and allow yourself to pilot your drone back to safety.
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