Release Notes for CoPilot Beta v1.0 Build 11

This document contains notes on the updates and changes made to the initial CoPilot beta release. These changes have been accounted for in the CoPilot User Handbook and it is highly recommended to review this manual before flight.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Waypoint annotation pins accuracy improved in previsualization
  2. Altitude accuracy errors fixed
  3. Camera Height Removed
  4. 400 ft. waypoint altitude restriction removed (Warnings are still in place as the FAA Guidelines restrict RC flight to under 400 ft. altitude)
  5. Improved accuracy for estimated Mission Time and Battery Usage in Planning Stage
  6. GPS status on the flight screen fixed

New Features:

  1. Inspire 1 support has been added. Copilot will now work with the DJI Inspire 1. For details on how to get CoPilot working with your Inspire, please read the Beta Installation Guide.
  2. Ability to manually input altitude at waypoints (enabling those without the 3D maps capability). NOTE: Using the application by manually inputting altitude is extremely risky and we do not recommend adjusting the altitude manually without having a detailed understanding of the environment you are operating in. This method has not been tested extensively so we encourage you to exercise caution and use this feature at your own risk. Please see the User Manual, Section 3 for more information on this feature.
  3. Updated flight status bar in the flight screen now shows the aircraft status and will prompt you when the the IMU is preheating and the compass is in an error state.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you still use the pilot application to check the aircraft flight status before flying with the FreeSkies CoPilot application as an additional safety precaution.

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