Release Notes for CoPilot Beta v1.0 Build 16

Release Notes for CoPilot Beta v1.0 Build 16

This document contains notes on the updates and changes made to the CoPilot beta release. These changes have been accounted for in the CoPilot User Handbook and it is highly recommended to review this manual before flight.

Bug Fixes:

  1. iOS 9 Public Beta 3 has resolved the major bugs with the maps in CoPilot, please update your iPad to this new version for the best CoPilot experience
  2. Aircraft rotation is now based on shortest angular travel
  3. Edit and save keyframe bugs fixed
  4. Aircraft status bar is accurately depicting aircraft state in real time
  5. 400 ft restriction on manually entered altitude removed
  6. Mission tracking in the 2D map on the flight screen improved
  7. Estimated mission time and battery usage models on the mission planning screen improved
  8. Total Mission time in the flight screen is working

New Features:

  1. The Phantom 3 Advanced is now supported by the FreeSkies CoPilot Application.
  2. Changed flight mode button to allow users to change between fully autonomous (app controlled flying and camera), hybrid (app controlled flying and manual camera control), and manual (fully manual flying and camera control). The new button to switch between these modes is under the record button on the flight screen. NOTE: The flight mode cannot be changed in flight and must be set before starting a mission.
  3. Users now have the option to manually enter gimbal pitch in the mission planning stage (accepts values of -90 to 30 degrees, -90 correlating to the camera facing directly downwards, 0 facing straight ahead and 30 being tilted above the horizon)
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