Autonomous Drones Can Land on Moving Cars Now

Self-driving cars might be all the rage these days, but what about the poor computer-piloted drones? Well, while no-one’s been looking, they’ve been perfecting the aerial version of the patented Italian Job getaway. A team of researchers at the German Aerospace Center were looking for a way to lighten the […]

Techie Relief Group Unveils New Drone Swarm System

What are the best ways to deploy modern technology in response to the world’s worst disasters, epidemics and conflicts? For at least one relief group, the answer may be drones. HumanITas Solutions, a Quebec-based collective dedicated to a “collaborative, evidence based, field-tested and affordable solution aiming to enhance humanitarian response,” […]

Uh Oh GoPro – can a drone arrive in time?

The stock market has been tough on everyone but it has been especially hard on GoPro, yesterday in particular. The stock plunged over 20% on announcement of a 7% workforce reduction. And this morning Shareholder Rights Law Firm Johnson & Weaver, LLP announced it is “investigating if GoPro, Inc. (GPRO) […]