Will China Dominate the Drone Market?

With a cluster of drone manufacturers and a flood of new investment, is China poised to dominate the drone market? From today’s perspective, that depends on which segment of the drone market you consider. There is no doubt that when it comes to manufacturing of consumer drones, China has already achieved […]

Santa Claus is Coming to Town on a Drone

Santa Claus has traded in his sleigh and reindeer for a drone. There are plenty of plausible reasons why he would make the switch: it was becoming to costly to feed the reindeer, the sleigh needed some serious repairs, or maybe he just wanted to finally embrace the 21st century. It doesn’t […]

freeskies dji showcase

FreeSkies CoPilot featured on DJI Showcase

On Wednesday, December 2nd, DJI featured the FreeSkies CoPilot mobile app on the DJI Showcase page among other developers like Hivemapper, Autopilot Phantom, and DroneDeploy. The DJI Showcase page features the top companies developing using DJI’s SDK and delivering high quality products to their customers. The Problem Capturing stunning aerial video can […]

kid flies drone

7 year old kid flies drone with CoPilot

Savannah Hamilton flies a DJI Phantom 3 using the FreeSkies CoPilot. Having never flown a drone before and with no experience using the CoPilot app, Savannah was able to figure out how to design beautiful shots in the park and get a completely unique view of the ducks and geese […]

DJI to Stop Drones From Entering Restricted Airspace

The world’s largest commercial drone maker wants to make doubly sure that its unmanned aerial vehicles no longer fly in restricted airspace, where they’re not supposed to — like around the White House, over forest fires and into prison yards. The company on Tuesday unveiled new “geofencing” software designed to better […]

Chinese Drone Maker DJI To Open First Flagship Store

As the market for commercial drones goes more mainstream, the industry’s biggest players are trying to attract a wider range of consumers. The world’s largest consumer drone maker, China’s SZ DJI Technology Co., is preparing to open its first flagship retail store in a Shenzhen shopping center next month. The new […]

The future of drone delivery may be determined next week

The government is putting drone delivery to the ultimate test next week. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has put together a task force to test drones’ ability to fly safely, which will determine the operational guidelines for not only consumer drones, but also for major companies like Amazon and Walmart. […]


Flame-Throwing Drones Were Only a Matter of Time

The world has already seen a drone that shoots paintballs and a drone that shoots bullets, the flame throwing drone was only a matter of time. Now, thanks to a research team from Nebraska, there is a drone that shoots fire balls. But don’t freak out—it’s for a good cause. The newly […]