NYPD Puts Drone Operators on Terrorism Watch List

Flying a drone in NYC, currently against the law except in very limited areas, could land you with more than a summons or a fine.  While flying the drone is only a misdemeanor crime, violators are now put through an extensive background check and flagged for the counterterrorism unit, a […]

Flyover of Brickyard Cove Marina in Richmond, CA

Shout out to Steve Nickell. This Youtuber shot some amazing aerial footage of the Brickyard Cove Marina in Richmond, CA with a Phantom 3 in 4K and the FreeSkies CoPilot. The flyover is just over 7 minutes long and covers Brickyard Cove, an upscale waterfront neighborhood. You can even see the […]

You Can Now Buy Drone Insurance From AIG

Nervous pilot? You might be able to command your UAV with a little more peace of mind now that AIG is willing to sell you drone insurance. The insurance company has launched a series of policies that will cover you for all kind of accidents. Perhaps most importantly, it’ll provide […]

CoPilot Put to the Test, Side-by-Side Comparison Video

CoPilot Basic has been out for about 3 weeks now, and redditor, u/mrpnut123, decided to put CoPilot to the test. He posted a short video online testing CoPilot at the Berkeley Marina in California. The side-by-side compares the actual footage shot by the Phantom 3 with the keyframe preview in CoPilot. Check out […]

U.S. Offers More Specifics On Drone Registration Initiative

Federal regulators have laid out a few more details about efforts to fast-track registration of recreational drones, though the document also highlights uncertainties about the idea’s scope and implementation concerning drone registration. The government is likely to mandate some type of visual identification markings on many drones, akin to the […]

US to Require Drone Registration

NBC News reports  today that the US Transportation Department will announce Monday its plan to require drone registration for all consumer drones. If you buy a drone this Christmas, you may have to register it before you can fly it. The US Transportation Department declined to comment, stating only that they […]