The 7 Deadly Sins When Flying a Drone

In today’s ultra-politically correct climate, there’s etiquette – or certain expected behaviors – for nearly every situation under the sun. Sure, golf etiquette has been around for hundreds of years now, but there’s also internet dating etiquette (stop with the shirtless selfies in the dirty mirror, bro), office etiquette (no […]

Engineers test fly printed aircraft off Royal Navy ship

A 3D printed aircraft has successfully launched off the front of a Royal Navy warship and landed safely on a Dorset beach. HMS Mersey provided the perfect platform for the University of Southampton to test out their SULSA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Weighing 3kg and measuring 1.5m the airframe was […]


FreeSkies CoPilot Beta Released!

The FreeSkies CoPilot closed Beta has been released. If you have submitted the Beta Testing form, you should have received an email confirming your acceptance or rejection from the closed Beta. If you have not received an email, please contact us. Stay tuned over the next couple of days as […]

Drone pilots warned after close call with passenger jet

A “near miss” between a passenger jet and a drone has prompted warnings about safe use of the hobby aircraft. An Airbus A320’s wing passed 6m (20ft) below a drone hovering at Heathrow, said the Civil Aviation Authority. It said drone pilots would face prosecution if they put the safety […]

DJI teams up with EpicTV for Drone Film Fest

Jason Reagan, Dronelife It may sound like the next installment in the Star Wars universe, but Rise of the Drones is actually an epic new adventure in drone film. A partnership with action-adventure sports channel EpicTV and UAV manufacturer DJI, the Rise film festival is now accepting submissions of the […]

Macon-Bibb County to use drones in emergencies

Anita Oh, WMAZ On Tuesday, Macon-Bibb County officials are expected to discuss whether to employ drones for emergency management across the county. It’s part of a proposed deal with companies Olaeris and Haeco to better respond to emergencies and disasters. The memorandum agreement, proposed by Mayor Robert Reichert, would cost […]

FreeSkies wins First at Startups {Shark Tank} Showcase

Friday, July 17th, FreeSkies pitched at the 2nd Annual Startups {Shark Tank} Showcase hosted at Ruby Skye and sponsored by APLAZ. Head of Operations, Andy Putch represented FreeSkies on stage as he pitched to over 100 Angel Investors in the Bay Area. FreeSkies spoke to technology evangelists and enthusiasts about the state of […]

Important: Beta Release Information

Hello FreeSkies’ Beta Participants, The FreeSkies Copilot beta is fast approaching, and with it, our team has encountered some technical challenges which cannot be surmounted from our end. Unfortunately, all those who wish to participate with the Beta release of the Copilot must be aware of three crucial points concerning […]

FreeSkies Beta Release Within Sight

Thank you again to all of you for signing up to be one of the first Beta testers for the FreeSkies CoPilot! It’s people like you who help us succeed and help us achieve this common vision. We understand many of you are excited about the release and we can’t wait to get […]