About Us

We envision a world where aerial data capture is simple and accessible to everyone. We develop autonomous control software for drones, focusing on the resulting videos and photos, while automating complex functions from launch to landing.

Game of Drones

Drones are truly exciting and revolutionary technology. They allow unprecedented mobility, unconstrained by gravity. A book rental company in Australia plans to deliver textbooks to college students via drone. A UK restaurant named Yo! Sushi uses remote-controlled drones to deliver burgers to customers tables.

FreeSkies to the Rescue

FreeSkies aims to make aerial data capture simple and accessible to everyone through a simple mobile application. It is THE autonomous software solution for drones. We make collecting aerial data, whether that’s stunning pictures, epic video, or actionable insights for your business, easier than you can imagine.

The FreeSkies CoPilot

Our flagship software, the FreeSkies CoPilot, is capable of autonomous and manual flight, automated flight paths, simple launch and landing capabilities, and flight stability, allowing you to get the most unique shot every time, at a tenth of the cost, without the use of cranes, tracks, and dollies.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would just like to say Hi, shoot us an email at info@freeskies.co